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Videos, podcasts, articles, and books from the Plum Village community about the personal, intergenerational, and social roots of trauma and about healing from our traumas.

Be Beautiful, Be Yourself, Interview with Thich Nhat Hanh, by Andrea Miller, Lion's Roar

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness and Plum Village practices, a Dharma talk with Brother Phap Linh

Learning to Love My Suffering, Brother Pham Hanh, reflection and ten healing exercises 

Racial Justice: Skillful Action for a Path Forward, Dharma Teacher Valerie Brown

Active Hope: the Wisdom of Joanna Macy, Podcast from the Way Out Is In

Flowers in the Dark: Healing Trauma with Compassionate Mindfulness, Sister Dang Nghiem

Connecting to Our Ancestors, Continuation and Transformation, Podcast from the Way Out Is In

Female Buddhas, a Revolution for Nuns in the Plum Village Tradition, Plum Village article

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