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What is EMBRACE Sangha? 

We are Plum Village Practitioners and Dharma Teachers on the path who joined together in the fall of 2020 to learn more deeply about Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and to share these resources with the Maha Sangha. Our name, EMBRACE Sangha reflects our intention to Embrace Mindfulness-Based Resilience to Awaken Community Empowerment. 

EMBRACE brings a neuro-informed and trauma-sensitive lens to mindfulness as it is practiced in the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism in order to support a resilient and harmonious community.  We do this by educating practitioners, individually and collectively, to gain deeper understanding of themselves and the practices through this lens, so that they can derive the maximum benefit from the practice, and address certain challenges that may arise due to a lack of understanding of the practice.

What do we offer?

Here is an introductory workshop video from Fall 2023, an example of our online resources. 


Also, we offer workshops for sangha facilitators and sangha members to support our beloved community.


We do not meet regularly as a sangha online or in person. 

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